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We are a uniform manufacturing company that stands everything we do. Our focus is on complete customer satisfaction and the flexibility that makes us the best solution for you apparel needs.

Many companies come to us whit apparel requirements already established, others com with apparel requirements already established, others come whit only an idea. Backed by more than 12 years of experience, we are designed to be a single source for all your needs. Whether you simply need a direct sale supplier or a manage purchasing program, we will consistently exceed your expectations through every aspect of your business whit us.

Customized that way you want
A full complete of customizing services gives you the flexibility you need to achieve the exact look you want. Our capabilities are virtually endless and include logo embroidery, screen printed, emblems, stripes and complete custom design/manufacturing programs.

A pricing structure that makes sense
Prices are computed for each account based on your specific needs. Your discount level is based on overall account volume and not on an order by order basis. Whether your needs are for lower or higher volumes, you receive the best possible pricing.

A variety of ordering methods
Need to get your orders in fast; please them by phone fax or email, if you are a larger account meeting certain criteria, customized on-line stores are also available.

Go paperless
In addition accepting orders by email and fax, we also have the ability to send all documents relating to normal business by email or fax. This includes invoices, order forms and varius other documents.

A variety of payment methods
There`s a lot of flexibility here also, in addition to your company check, you are also able to use a major credit cards and wire transfers.

Program & Services
Our customers span a wide range of sizes and industries. From large internationals companies like hotels, education, manufacturing, transportation and entertainment, to local business like restaurants, and services stations. Part of our success is attributable to our ability to “fine tune” the way we do business to accommodate the needs of our customers. Regardless of the size of your organization, we take a flexible and responsive approach to every client needs and treat each account as if it were our only account. At SERPRO, we do not simply offer products, we offer solutions.

Every organization, whether large or small has its own unique situation and we do our absolute best to meet and exceed their expectations.

Below are some points for consideration surrounding the way we do business and the services we have available, If you would like to speak with a sales representative to find out more about our capabilities. From a few employees to thousands, we are here to assist you at every step.

Custom Design & Manufacturing
While our product line is perhaps the most extensive in the industry, certain accounts require a completely custom design, if this is what you have in mind, we have the ability to handle your needs from the design phase through manufacturing and distribution.

Management Reporting
We offer the customized reporting system that provides you with order and cost information at virtually any level of detail. For example, some customers require weekly and monthly reports showing their order history sorted “by employee” or “by facility”. We retain all of your order information in our system so we are able to meet virtually any reporting request.

Standard Customizing Services
We offer an extensive variety of options for customizing your garments including logo and text embroidery, stripes and reflective trim.

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Description of the Company
The purpose of the company is to give the best service providing excellent quality in textiles, a prompt service and the best price in the market.
We have our own factory with qualified personnel to provide great product with a warranty, and we can also keep stock for clients who require that service.

Regarding sizes we have two different services:
Determined standard sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. Since we have many clients in the Caribbean, we already have standard sizing specialized in the Caribbean market.
We also work based on personal sizes with personal measurements for each worker.

We guarantee punctual delivery based on fixed dates.

For continuative clients, we guarantee punctual delivery to clients who request the same designs, colors and textiles year after year.

By being a uniform manufacturer (which is different than a linear manufacturer), it allows us to guarantee the quality in manufacturing, and punctually in delivery, based on contracts, textiles, colors and sizing required by specific clients.

In many cases, depending on the textile, SERPRO gives a long term guarantee regarding the continuance and inventory of the certain textile, keeping inventory in stock for that determined textile, for future orders. This applies not only for the textiles, but also for all the other materials to be used, such as buttons, etc.

Guatemalan Textile industries are one of our main suppliers, which we have had a solid relationship over many years. This way, we may guarantee exclusivity and satisfaction for clients who need exclusivity for colors and designs for the textiles.

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